ELISAN is a cleaner/ sanitizer for surfaces with a citrus scent.

How to use:

1.The product is used with a continuos dispenser:
-place the cylinder in the centre of the room;
-press all the way down and lock the dispenser;
-leave the room, closing all doors and / or windows;
-re-enter the room after about 1 hour.
Emptying takes a few minutes (2-8 minutes, depending on the size of the cylinder)

2.The product is also available with standard diffuser, for jet spray:
-press the diffuser and direct the spray towards the area or surface to be treated;
-do not exceed in the quantity

Ventilate the room before staying there.


Elisan is a effective and safe cleaner of all hard surfaces (plastic, metal,…).
This product features strong long-acting sanitizing properties with no irritating actions. Releases a pleasant citrus scent into the environment.
It can be applied in several environments. In particular, Elisan is ideal for:
-At home: door handles, mobile phone, remote controls, carpets;
-In the Office: worktops, desks, pc keyboards, mouse;
-Food processing: shelves, various equipment, slicers; staff changing room;
-Gyms, swimming pools: cabinets, work tables, shelves;
-Means of transport: Taxis, buses, caravans, trailers, railway carriages;
-Ourpatient clinics: surgeries, corridors, waiting rooms, ambulances, veterinary clinics, toilets, offices.


The product consists of a solution based on alcohol and quaternary didecyldimethylammonium chloride ( quaternary ammonium salts)


400 ml cylinders – Packs of 12 pieces