Acid cleaner for drains and pipes


SGORGATORE is an acid product particularly suitable for treating clogging caused by grease, rags, paper, gauze, soaps, detergent caps, in civil and industrial drains and pipes.

How to use:

Slowly pour SGORGATORE into the drain, after having removed any excess water Let the product work for a few minutes, then run a little COLD water. Wait a few more moments, and run plenty of cold water.

Warnings: while it is working, SGORGATORE does not release harmful gases or fumes, but in certain conditions slightly acid water vapour may develop quickly; it is therefore advisable to operate with the face slightly set back and to wear plastic gloves.


SGORGATORE effectively and quickly frees drains in: - Public facilities; - Hospitals; - Restaurants; - Rearing farms; - Industries; - Farms; - Schools.


Contains more than 50% sulphuric acid.


1.8 kg plastic bottles in boxes containing 9 pcs


KG 1.7 / LT 1.