Natural mineral absorbent agent


Mineral granular product (hydrated magnesium silicate): special type of clay with high absorbent properties for all types of liquids (oil, hydrocarbons, water). It is used in its natural form, without having to be mixed. Fine grain size 60/120 (ASTM standard – American Society for Testing and Materials-, or 60/115 Mesh.) It is a harmless material that does not require any special precautions. Non-combustible and non-flammable. It is a chemically inert product that does not react with absorbed liquids; it is neither corrosive nor oxidizing. It is odourless; it inhibits the proliferation of bacteria and minimizes the formation of bad odours.

How to use:

Quick and easy to apply. Pour the product over the leaked liquid, wait until it is fully absorbed and collect and dispose of it in compliance with the regulations in force, taking into account the type of liquid absorbed.


It is an essential product for factories, workshops, highways and work areas in general, where liquids can cause hazards or accidents in case of accidental spills.