Special non-silicone release agent



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SALD N 15 is a silicone free anti-adhesive solution for automatic and manual welding. Excellent lubricating and releasing power, it protects the welding guns and prevents the adhesion of splashes. Safe to use, it allows painting, printing, chrome plating and gluing surfaces. Also good as a release agent for plastics. It does not produce unpleasant fumes, is non-toxic, non-flammable and retains its characteristics up to 250 °C.

How to use:

Dilute 1 part of SALD N 15 with 4 parts of water, then distribute it on the mouthpiece of the torch and on the edges of the surfaces to be treated. Avoid soiling the electrode and in any case the surfaces where the welding will stick.


SALD N 15 is suitable for use in all welding and metalworking processes in which there are emissions of incandescent slag. The fully synthetic base and the absence of solvents allow using SALD N 15 even in case of a significant formation of slag, which does not develop harmful and polluting gases when it comes into contact with the product, thus protecting the health of the operator.

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