Semi-dry antioxidant protective product for metals



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PROTECTOR 3M/U has strong adhesive properties, which makes it suitable for use on metal surfaces, especially iron, steel and aluminium ones. On such surfaces PROTECTOR 3M/U, U forms a very thin semi-dry protective layer, that does not affect the original appearance of the material, but provides long-term protection against oxidation. Thanks to its strong DEWATERING power, PROTECTOR 3M / U works also on damp surfaces.

How to use:

Large surfaces:
Apply PROTECTOR 3M / U with a brush or spray, allowing the excess product to run off.

Separated pieces:
Immerse the pieces for a few minutes in a tank containing PROTECTOR 3M / U then dry, or allow drying, before handling.


- Metal surfaces of all kinds; - Sheet metal; - Doors and windows; - Fixtures; - Detached parts; - Small metal parts in general.


– Antioxidants;
– Specific protective products;
– Petroleum solvents.

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