Liquid burnisher for copper and brass



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GTS L is a cyanide and chrome-free product that allows obtaining copper and brass pieces with an interesting bronze colour.

How to use:

For top results, GTS L dilution in water ratio is 1:5.
The longer the treatment the darker the colour.
The treatment can be carried out in a rotating barrel or in a plastic basket by stirring.

Operating conditions:

Temperature: 20 – 30°C
Duration of the treatment: 1 – 4 minutes, according to the required colour and the base material used.
Containers: made of or lined with suitable plastic material.
Pre-treatments: The solid brass pieces must be carefully degreased and pickled; brass-plated ones must be carefully washed.
Post-treatment: As in all conversion processes, the coloured layers are delicate when still damp and must be dried before being handled. The colouring obtained using GTS L can be scraped and brushed.

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