Microbicide - Fungicide - Algicide dissolvable in solutions



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F 059 is a preparation specially formulated to decontaminate emulsions and waters degraded by microbial loads and to prevent bacterial microflora and mould pollution.

How to use:

Given the high concentration of F 059, we advise following the recommended concentrations below:
– First treatment: 0.05 ÷ 0.1%
– Maintenance dosage: 0.05%
Concentrations are expressed as a volumetric percentage.
Add the required quantity of F 059 directly into the water or emulsion to be treated, without interrupting the production cycle. After a maximum of 8 hours it will be possible to verify the reduction of the microbiological load.


F 059 effectively washes and sanitizes cooling circuits, oily emulsions and painting booths.