Neutral detergent



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F007 is a particular formulation, completely free from phosphates and solvents, therefore of great interest from an ecological perspective. Fast and effective cleansing on any type of surface is guaranteed both by the high concentration and by the ingredients. F007 is a low foaming detergent and therefore does not require rinsing.

How to use:

Dissolve 1 part of product in 10/50 parts of water according to the type and stubbornness of the dirt.
To minimize the formation of foam, which is anyhow low, we recommend adding F007 to the water and not vice versa. The solution is then distributed on the surfaces, which must be cleaned in the most suitable way.


- Painted and lacquered surfaces; - Linoleum; - Marble; - Porcelain; - Reflecting surfaces; - Plastic laminates; - Formica; - Stoneware; - Wood flooring; - Artificial leather; - Venetian blinds; - Washable surfaces in general.