All-purpose degreasing detergent



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ELISOL is an all-purpose product formulated to exert an extremely aggressive action on any type of grease and dirt: its components modify their molecular structure, thus making them soluble and therefore easy to remove with rags or jets of water. Given its particular degreasing properties, ELISOL, is suitable for any washable surface. The special structure of low foaming active agents promotes fast and easy rinsing.

How to use:

ELISOL is highly concentrated and is to be diluted in water in ratios ranging from 1 to 10%, depending on the texture of the dirt to be removed.
ELISOL must be used with a sprayer, a sponge or cloth, or by immersion.


ELISOL is an all-purpose detergent with high degreasing power. It dissolves oils, fats and oily substances. It works on inks and glues. It is ideal for cleaning machines and industrial machinery.

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