Pickling rinse aid for aluminium



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ELISINT has been specially formulated for treating aluminium. Its acid-based formulation guarantees the elimination of oxides, restoring the original conditions of surfaces. ELISINT exerts a passivating action which inhibits future corrosion.

How to use:

ELISINT is supplied in a highly concentrated formulation.
The product can be diluted in water, from 1 to 5 parts up to a maximum of 1 to 20, depending on the extent of the pickling effect to be obtained.
Operating temperature and processing time:
ELISINT works well at room temperature. The treatment time can vary from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the surface to be treated and its oxidation conditions.
Treatment cycle:
Remove any traces of oil, grease or special protection from the surface to be treated, then wash it thoroughly with fresh, clean running water. Allow the surface to dry well before immersing it in the product, so as not to dilute it excessively. Finally, rinse the surface with running water.
Bath supply:
The liquid level in the tank must be maintained by topping up with fresh concentrated product. The bath can be supplied in this way, without it ever having to be completely empty.


Ideal for manufacturers of: - Doors and windows; - Sideboards for industrial vehicles; - Fences; - Industrial structures; - Carpentry; - Etc.