Release-Sliding agent


Colourless, silicone-free fluid. Given its formulation, it can be used as a LUBRICANT: it considerably reduces the friction between the surfaces; ANTI-ADHESIVE AGENT: prevents and reduces the adhesiveness of urea-based and other types of glue on the surface of presses; ELINOSIL 5 Lt. does not create any incompatibility with painting systems; it is not greasy and does not stain.

How to use:

ELINOSIL 5 Lt. is supplied ready to use and must be applied as is, with dispensers, by brush or by immersion depending on the applications.


ELINOSIL 5 Lt. is used in the plastic and rubber industries, and in similar sectors, as a RELEASE AGENT for moulds, as well as for surfaces or parts to be painted or glued; it is also suitable for lubricating work surfaces of machinery in the wood industry.


Content: 5 L.