Concentrated cleaner



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Brand-new formulation with special ingredients for a vigorous cleaning action on any type of dirt. Effective even at very low concentrations, ELIMIX is ideal for removing oily residues, greasy substances, organic residues, even if charred. Thanks to its high concentration, it provides excellent cleaning without having to resort to the use of brushes.

How to use:

Dilute 1 to 10% of product for preparing a shampoo and 1 to 50% or 1 to 100% for pre-washing, depending on the type of dirt to be treated.
Spray the resulting solution with a nebulizer, working from the bottom up on a dry surface; let the product work then rinse with water.
When used concentrated and with long working times, ELIMIX can damage aluminium, zinc and light alloys. It is safe for use on ferrous materials. It is safe for use on ferrous materials.


Thanks to its washing power, it is effective even in case of stubborn dirt and encrustations. ELIMIX is suitable for cleaning articulated lorries, road tankers, containers, cars, refrigerated caissons, pressure balloons. Effectively removes inks, smog, soot. To prevent the formation of smudges, do not use the product on surfaces heated by the sun.