Descaler for galvanized parts, aluminium and light alloys



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ELICAL F is a highly concentrated product, totally free from hydrochloric acid and therefore particularly safe for use on surfaces sensitive to chlorine. The special formulation contains inhibitors that allow the application of the product even on galvanized metals without them being attacked, which is what usually happens when strong descalers containing hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) are used. ELICAL F does not release any type of harmful gas.

How to use:

Dilute 1 part of ELICAL F in water (even hot) and, depending on the nature and thickness of the incrustation, from 3 to 20 parts. On galvanized metals and light alloys, the maximum temperature of 50/55 °C should never be exceeded, to prevent the formation of greyish films.
Apply with a brush on the surface to be treated and after a few moments rinse with plenty of water.
ELICAL F may generate carbon dioxide bubbles during use, but this is not a problem as this gas is harmless.

WARNING: Do not use on marble surfaces and lead polished floors.


ELICAL F removes limestone, lime, gypsum, crusta lactea and saltpetre from: - Metal surfaces; - Tiles; - Stoneware floors; - Exposed bricks; - Vitrified ceramics; - Terracotta.