Pickling and brightening agent for copper and its alloys



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ELIBRASS 96 is used to deoxidize and polish copper and its alloys, restoring the original conditions of the surfaces. Treatment with ELIBRASS 96 helps to keep the surface passivated and protects it from oxidation.

How to use:

Use as is at room temperature, dipping or sponging the pieces for about 10 to 60 seconds, then rinse thoroughly with running water and dry.
Top up with some new product in case the reaction tends to start after more than 30 seconds.


ELIBRASS 96 is used successfully for: - Pickling copper and its alloys; - Treating trinkets; - Drawn and extruded copper and brass; - Pickling medals and cups; - Pickling chandeliers; - Musical instruments; - Statues; - Moulds; - Carpentry; - Etc.