Dual-phase detergent



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DUBLO MIX is a formulation suitable for removing stubborn dirt and smog that settles on surfaces in general; it exerts its action quickly and energetically. At the recommended concentrations, DUBLO MIX does not corrode metals and does not damage the vast majority of plastic materials.

How to use:

Dilute the product at 2 – 10% in water depending on the amount of dirt to be removed and distribute it on the surface to be cleaned, preferably after they have been dried. Leave DUBLO MIX to work for as long as necessary, then rinse thoroughly with water.
Do not allow the product to dry on the surfaces, and respect the recommended dilutions to prevent the product from affecting the paints, rubbers or chrome parts that may already have been worn out.
The use of the product at maximum concentrations, on aluminium and repainted parts, must be preceded by a preliminary check on a small section in order to ascertain its suitability.

NB – Given the high concentration of active ingredients, temperatures below 10-15 °C can give rise to saline precipitation phenomena. However, it is sufficient to bring the product back to a temperature of about 20 °C and stir: the deposits will be mixed into the solution without altering the product.


- Industrial flooring; - Earth-moving machines; - Oily surfaces; - Tarpaulins.


– Sodium hydroxide;
– Non-ionic surfactants;
– Over 90% biodegradable
– Sequestrants;
– Alcohols.